Pandas & People

Saturday Night - 7:30pm to 8:15pm @ Hodi's Half Note | All Ages

Alternative, Indie, Folk

Pandas & People is a two-piece alternative folk band rooted in Colorado. Held together by lead vocalist and bassist Joshua Scheer and guitarist Johnny Day, Pandas & People began as a side project in a basement in Colorado in 2013. Accompanied by Grayson Erhard on Mandolin, Adam Haag and Tim Sweet on Percussion and Conrad Marshall on Guitar during live performances, Pandas & People offers a traditional folk sound with an underlying hint of alternative rock, creating an innovative fusion of sound that sticks with you from the moment you hit play.

Joshua Scheer - Lead Vocals/Bass Guitar
Johnny Day - Banjo/Guitar/Vocals
Conrad Marshall - Guitar/Keys
Grayson Erhard - Mandolin/Guitar/Vocals
Adam Haag - Midi/Aux Percussion
Timothy Sweet - Drums